Principal's Welcome

Dear Students and Parents of GMHS;

Welcome to the 2018/19 School Year!

In addition to academic courses, GMHS provides students a wide variety of opportunities to engage in modern languages (French Immersion and Japanese) arts, music, athletics, outdoor pursuits and a host of other courses to further enhance their learning experience.

A large emphasis is on positive relationships with teachers, parents and each other, which are paramount.  Connections are best fostered when there is a clear focus on learning together and creating a positive atmosphere through "here and now" interactions.  This means coaching our students when it is appropriate to engage in social media and cell phone use and when it is not and how social media should be used in a constructive manner.

Parent involvement is important to us and I encourage each parent to take an active role in the school community such as volunteering, coaching, or parent council.

On behalf of the staff, we are looking forward to working with your sons and daughters to learn and grow.  Have a successful year, everyone!


Garry Bell

Principal, GMHS

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