Building Futures Application

Building Futures 2019/2020 Application

Student tours of Building Futures site - February 7, 2019 (Sign up at your home school office)

Building Futures Parent & Student Open House - February 9, 2019

Building Futures Parent & Student Information Night – February 11 , 2019

WH Croxford 6:30-7:30pm

Building Futures 2019/2020 Student Applications due to home school February 28, 2019

Interviews will be held in March at McKee Homes’ Office


For more information please contact Mark Turner or

Erica Rozema

Building Futures 2019/2020 Application

The Building Futures classroom - a garage - fosters a specific kind of learner. Learners who have experienced the greatest success in this program typically demonstrate a number of common attitudes and behaviors prior to entering the program. These traits include self-motivation, engaged citizenship, and innate curiosity.  Applicants are asked to answer the following questions to aid in the selection process. Participating high schools will be accepting student applications and will review applications prior to forwarding to the selection committee. Students selected for an interview will be contacted by email.

Applications are due at your home high school by February 28, 2019.


Student Name:

Student Home School:

Community Engagement

Describe how you have been/are active in the community (sports teams, clubs, student groups, volunteer work). What is your level of involvement and how long have you been active?






Taking Initiative

How do you motivate yourself and what do you do to complete tasks on time?







Tell us about an interest you have (music, drawing, sports, cooking etc.). How have you satisfied your curiosity in your area of interest?








Please provide a community reference to support your application





Contact email:


How does your reference know you?




Parent Contact Information:








**You are not limited to the space provided on this application. In the past, successful applicants have provided extensive answers to the application questions**

Please return your completed application to your home school office no later than February 28, 2019

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