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I teach (Outdoor Ed, PE, and run the Global Encounters program) at George McDougall High School

Global Encounters is a high school program that is designed to create leaders of tomorrow. It takes students out of their comfort zones and engages them in the real world.  By focusing on leadership and ownership students take part in experiential learning environments.

Students will be spending 30 days immersed in the cultures of New Zealand and Australia. On the trip they will have to refine their skills needed to work as a cohesive group.  The group will be staying in tents and hostels for the entire month period.  During this time they will be doing everyday tasks such as grocery shopping for 25 people, cooking meals for the group, and doing their laundry.

Also on the trip they will be very busy doing outdoor activities.  The activities are designed to push students outside of what they normally do, thus making them realize they are able to achieve anything they set their minds to.  Activities range from snorkeling on the Great Barrier reef, to spelunking in the world famous glow worm caves in Waitomo caves in New Zealand.  They will be doing over night hikes in the blue mountains, Great Ocean Road, where for many, they get to be without any light pollution or artificial noise.  On these they have to carry all their supplies in a 50 lbs back pack.  While at surf camp they will find their inner mojo as they become all star surfers.

The students take in cultural Maori shows, meals such as hangi’s, and puio’s.  They get to attend an Aussie rules game while in Melbourne.  They learn to sail, sea kayak, white water raft and to rock climb.

While helping students learn about themselves, we also focus on teaching them the importance of respecting the environment. Hopefully creating individuals that are both passionate about taking part in outdoor activities as well as protecting areas they love.

Global Encounters embodies the principals of creating global learners in a 21st century classroom.  Students come back with a new view of the world, a desire to see more of it, and a confidence to achieve anything they can dream.

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Outdoor Ed is designed to introduce students to new activities in the outdoors.  Our goal is to expose them to activities that they will be become passionate about making it a life long pursuit. In the process we look at teaching them environmental responsibility, and a love for nature.

It is important that students are taken outside of their comfort zones to be not only be engaged but to be pushed into the learning zone.  Students will do this while their are working on their leadership and ownership skills.

Outdoor Ed aims to make learning fun, and put students into different environments where they can feel success.

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The images below are links to digital resources that are germane to students and parents. Click on the Google Apps viewlet to access RVS student Gmail and the Moodle viewlet for all digital classroom materials.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding our learning community.

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