Focus/Flex (FLT) Letter


We’re going to be trying a new FLT/Connect system for these last two weeks before the exam break. The purpose is primarily to help you get the chance to study and prepare for your exams in the most effective way. If successful, we will carry this program on into next semester.

We have had staff and student input in creating this program and hammering out any conflicts or problems, and we think we have found the best system that works for our school.

We start the week off in our connect classrooms. This does not mean that it is a connect block, but just regular FLT in your connect room. Working with your connect teacher, you will sign up for a classroom that you’d like to work in for the remainder of the week. Any extra time will be spent on individual study time. There are a couple of reasons why we wanted to do this.


  • More time with your Connect teacher

The purpose behind Connect is that no student can come into this school and say that no one cared about them. We wanted to make sure that you had a teacher in your corner no matter what. Seeing your Connect teacher every two weeks wasn’t working. It didn’t allow us to do events such as food drives, get important information out effectively, or to actually make a connection with that teacher.


  • Get set up for FLT time

Last year we had too many students abuse the FLT time or not know how to make positive use of that time. We then made sure that you had no control over where you wanted to go by linking you in with a class. We wanted to give some freedom back, but also with some accountability. Working with your Connect teacher, you will determine where is the best place to spend your time. Instead of fighting to get into Chemistry to get help from the teacher and finding 40 students already there; students that actually need the help will get the opportunity to attend that session. It also makes your Connect teacher review marks with you to determine where best to spend your time.


  • Individual Study Time

FLT didn’t allow for quiet studying as often you were paired with friends, in large classes, and were tired of being in the same room for 70mins+. Your Connect class should be between 15-20 students and should be relatively quiet, allowing you to get yourself organized and how best to approach the week. It’s a good chance to see what assignments are missing, what you need to work on, or getting a jumpstart on homework.


The rest of the week…

…is set up for you to go where you need to go based off of your meeting with your connect teacher. In the future, we are hoping to allow students the opportunity to sign up on their own without their connect teacher doing it for them. We need to earn that by showing that this system actually works. FLT is designed for students to be able to get things completed on their own, get organized for classes, have a chance to ask questions, and reduce their homework load.

We are also hoping to set up quiet study places for students that just want to work on their own absent of any noise.

If you choose not to use this time, a call will be sent home and you will be marked absent, similar to missing a class. If you have a spare prior to FLT or afterwards, you are still expected to attend.

This weeks schedule

Monday – Focus (Connect room)

Tuesday – Focus (Connect room)

Wednesday – Flex (The room you picked with your connect teacher)

Thursday – Flex

Next Week

Monday – Focus

Tuesday – Flex

Wednesday – Flex

Thursday - Flex

If you have any questions or concerns, or ideas on how to improve this time, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Room 2019.

Mr. Rasmussen

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