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Learning Commons Hours

Mon - Thur
8:15am - 4:15 pm;
Closed from 11:50 - 12:30

8:15am - 2:30 pm;
Closed from 11:40 - 12:10


- your student ID card is your borrowing card
- no limit on the number of books or other materials you can have out
- 3 week loan period
- overnight loan period for reference books, magazines, DVDs and video tapes
- holds can be placed on books that are already signed out


All books, novels and textbooks are distributed from and returned to the learning commons.

All textbooks are signed out on a semester by semester basis. If your schedule has changed and you have a text for a class that you are not currently enrolled in anymore, please return the book to the library. You will have the opportunity to get the text again during the change of semesters.

If a book is not returned within 3 weeks of its final due date, it will be assumed lost and will be added onto school fees with an invoice sent home. Students in Grade 12 with outstanding library fees or lost books will not be able to graduate until those fees are paid in full or the books returned and the account cleared. After library materials are returned, the charge will be removed from your account.  If you need more time with a textbook, please bring it into the library to get it renewed for another semester.  You must have your ID card to sign out textbooks.


An Acceptable Use Agreement must be signed before using any computer in the school.
These forms can be found in the main office and need to be signed by the student and the parent/guardian before students are able to access their accounts.

Students must leave their ID cards with Ms. Johnson


How to Log in to the online catalogue, KOHA

Your User name goes as:

firstnamemiddleinitiallastname (no capitals, no spaces, no punctuation)

Eg: Mark Wallace Smith will sign in as markwsmith

Your password is your ID number found on either your ID card or your schedule

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