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Administration Team

Mr. Bell Principal gbell
Mr. Robertson Assistant Principal crrobertson
Mr. Reilly Assistant Principal jreilly


Mr. Reece Guidance Counsellor (A to L)
Ms. Duggan Guidance Counsellor (M to Z)


Teaching Staff

Mrs. Burgeson Learning Lead - Humanities, Literacy       
Mr. Casey jcasey
Mrs. Chapman
Mr. DeGiuseppe Learning Lead - Math degiuseppe
Ms. Emshey temshey
Mrs. Erickson berickson
Mrs. Gamm kgamm
Mrs. Grosh bgrosh
Mr. Haggarty rhaggarty
Mr. Hargrove dhargrove
Mr. Harris jdharris
Mr. King jking
Mr. Lafferty slafferty
Mme Locke slocke
Mr. MacLean smaclean
Ms. Mann amann
Mr. Masse Learning Lead - PE tmasse
Mrs. McLeod Learning Lead - Assessment amcleod
Mr. Melton Off Campus Education Coordinator kmelton
Mr. Moss gmoss
Ms. Payne kepayne
Mr. Payne kpayne
Mme Petcoff lapetcoff
Mr. Rasmussen Learning Lead - Advisory jrasmussen
Mrs. Reichert lreichert
Ms. Stapor dstapor
Ms. Taves staves
Ms. Toane jtoane
Mr. Wenaas Learning Lead - Science dwenaas
Ms. Wright Learning Lead - Personalization/Flexibility mwright
Mr. Yurkowski Athletic Director ayurkowski

Student Supports

Mrs. Whetstone WeConnect Coordinator cwhetstone
Mrs. Johnson Librarian ljohnson
Mr. Shyu Computer Tech dshyu
Ms. Musto Educational Assistant
Mrs. Taumoli Educational Assistant
Mrs. Yakiwchuk Educational Assistant

Caretaking Staff

Mr. Redmond Head Building Operator
Mr. Hymers Caretaker
Mr. Golas Caretaker
Mrs. Klassen Caretaker
Mrs. Mendizabal Caretaker
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