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I teach Band, Jazz Band, Saxophone Quartet, & Wind Ensemble at George McDougall High School

Hello, my name is Jordan Harris and I am the Fine Arts Learning Lead at George McDougall HIgh School.  I currently teach all levels of Instrumental Music, Jazz Band, Saxophone Quartet, and Wind Ensemble.

Our program is comprised of nearly 200 students in grades 9 through 12, with each bringing their own flare and musical prowess into our classes.  In bringing our like minded passion for music together, we are able to generate  a balanced world of education and fun!

Throughout our year, we partake in many fundraising and musical endeavors.  On an annual basis, all students participate in ARTember, our Christmas and Fine Arts Night concerts, numerous "Little School" Concerts, the Olds Kiwaniis and RVS Music Festivals, and several small tours.  Our ensembles also play for many community minded functions including the swearing in of our Alderman, the annual trade fair, Boys and Girls Club events, and several seniors homes.

Every three years, we take our "Big" trip to Disneyland in California.  I always say that anyone can go to Disneyland, but not everyone can do the things at Disney that we do!  This is a magical tour where students play in numerous concerts within Disney and California Adventure, as well as a workshop where a DVD is produced with our music to popular Disney movies.  In essence, WE become the soundtrack!  In addition to these educational aspects, let us not forget about the Disney rides, Universal Studios, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Sante Monica Pier!  Music and Sunshine always add to an already Great Experience! We always come home feeling energized and like a true GMHS Team!

It is important for us to work as a team and give back to our community and fellow music students in Airdrie.  George Mac students will always have the opportunity to help mentor their peers and younger students in sister schools through clinics and workshops.  We have also participated in community minded volunteer events such as the Festival of Lights for the last six years.  Through our various fundraising endeavors, including but not limited to Bottle Drives and Silent Auctions, we ALWAYS give back to those in need.  In the last six years alone, fundraising aside, our students have generated upwards of $15 000.00 for local programs, families, and individuals.  This is a huge task but with power in numbers, it's one that we work hard to continue.

We in the GMHS Music Program strive to be a Team.  With hardwork, dedication, and humour, we contintue to learn and have fun each and every day!

403.948.5935 ext. 5127

The images below are links to digital resources that are germane to students and parents. Click on the Google Apps viewlet to access RVS student Gmail and the Moodle viewlet for all digital classroom materials.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding our learning community.

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