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I teach all the Art programs at George McDougall High School including Studio Art AP 35. This year I also am teaching a CALM 20 and General Socialogy course semester one.

The Art program at George McDougall High School is a sequential program that builds different proficiencies in every grade. The Art 90 program is an introduction to basic art techniques and skills for the students. The Art 10 program incudes and strengthens the skills learned in grade nine plus adds new and creative ones. In Art 20 and 30 the rules of composition and self-expression are explored. For those students who are interested in a more advanced program there is Studio Art 35, the Advanced Placement program of studies. This is where students develop an advanced, sophisticated portfolio, which can be submitted to universities and art colleges in Canada and the United States. The school also offers a jewelry based art program where the students learn how to manipulate and create beautiful jewelry pieces using a variety of metal forming techniques.

403.948.5935 ext. 5136

The images below are links to digital resources that are germane to students and parents. Click on the Google Apps viewlet to access RVS student Gmail and Moodle for all classroom digital materials.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding our learning community.

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