Principal's Welcome

It is a great honor to return to George McDougall High School (GMHS), where I served as Assistant Principal from 2011-14. This school has a long tradition of academic, athletic, and artistic excellence. As I go forward as Principal at GMHS, I am excited about the opportunity to continue to explore and act on ways that we can improve our practices to make learning better for our students. Our hope is to help all of our learners become confident, compassionate and competent individuals, in community. We will reach these ultimate outcomes together, with equity, inclusion, and reciprocal respect.

Our focus this school year (2019-20) is to increase assessment practices that support student success, as well as to build a culture of collaboration. We will achieve these goals through innovation, which is a key piece of the current 4 Year Plan of Rocky View Schools.  We also anticipate that the Ride of the Mustang 2020 will break the million dollar mark for donations to the Alberta Children’s Hospital; this is a student led initiative. This level of philanthropic accomplishment in fundraising is absolutely phenomenal for a school. We will reach this achievement through our community coming together to fight cancer.

Our staff is an amazing group of individuals and are passionate about each learner reaching their highest capacity. I am confident that they will be able to respond to any inquiries or concerns that you have. Do not hesitate to connect with them, as soon as you have a question or wish to resolve an issue. We also invite you to join School Council to learn about what is happening in our school and to add family voice to our going forward.

Please know that you can reach out at any time to talk with me, about supporting your student. You can reach me by email or phone. I have a 24-hour response policy (Monday -Friday); if you don’t hear from me in that time, I am off site.

Looking forward to working together to making spectacular things happen for our Mustang students!

Laurie Johnston, B.Ed., M.Ed., Doctoral Student


Email contact:

Phone contact : (403) 948-5935, ext 5110

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