Sports Performance

Note: Students may not register in both Sports Performance and Hockey Skills Academy as there is duplication of CTS courses offered.

Specific course selections will be available to students upon enrolment. Generally, the goals of the program are to provide knowledge and practical fitness experience, enhancing fitness and strength training lifestyles. Student activities will be supplemented with knowledge of personal training and application of chosen fitness goals.

Sports Performance - For Females Only

This course is intended to provide opportunities for females to learn and apply all aspects of wellness and physical fitness. Throughout the semester, students will learn the importance of proper training and nutrition as well as the many benefits that physical well-being has on one’s life. Students will be expected to participate in varying forms of fitness activities, with the ultimate goal of establishing a commitment towards lifelong wellness. You do not need to be ‘athletic’ to take this class; however, you do need to be committed to setting personal wellness goals and working towards these goal throughout the semester.

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