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Student Services has returned to work as of August 23, but replies to email may be delayed as we sort out the logistics of 1100 students returning to the school and starting classes. George McDougall High School has two counsellors – Sonya Quinlan-Jacob (last names A-L) and Katelyn Grimbly (last names M-Z). They are working as quickly as they can.

It is important you read the below information regarding course change requests.


1. I would like to change something on my schedule for this year.

Class changes can only be requested by using our online Class Change Request form. We will NOT accept class change requests sent via email, phone call, carrier pigeon, or in person.


To access this form, students must log in with their email accounts. The form will not allow parents to log in with their personal Gmail accounts. For security purposes, only student accounts can access the form.

Priority class change requests at this time are:
a) Class changes to adjust schedules after summer school has been completed;
b) Class changes to adjust schedules due to surprise passes and failures for things that are needed for graduation.
c) Filling in holes in schedules for students who are not allowed to have spares.

Requests for other reasons will be looked at after the priority changes are done.


2. I have finished a summer school course and need to drop it from my schedule.

Please use the class change form above to request necessary changes.


3. I would like to meet with you to discuss my schedule instead of filling out the class change request form.

At this time, our schedules are booked up fully with new registrations and we are not able to accommodate appointments for existing students to discuss class changes or schedules. Until we are available, please use the course change request form:


4. I have questions about registering a new student.
If you have questions about course registration or choosing classes, please make sure you have looked through all the documents available to you on the George McDougall High website here:

To register a new student, please complete the School Engage registration process. We will be in touch with you to select courses once your online registration has been processed. The link to the
SchoolEngage registration process information is:


5. I would like to register in or learn more about Work Experience, Green Certificate, or the Registered Apprenticeship program.

Please email Liz Schweizer ( for information or instructions about those programs. She is our school's off campus coordinator and is responsible for the operation of and registration of students in these programs.


6. I do not remember my login information to access PowerSchool.

Please contact the main office for further instructions.

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