Diploma Information for Students

Exam dates are set by the government, and we have no control over the dates.  

All students are required to write their Diploma, even if their school based is 100%- overall course mark will not be awarded until that exam is written.  

If a student misses their exam, either Part A or Part B, or the entire exam, one of 2 things will happen- application for exemption (approved only in very exceptional circumstances by the government) or students will write their exam during the next sitting.  

If students choose to write during the next scheduled sitting, they will need to go into their MyPass Account to register.  

Students are not permitted to bring any digital device into the exam room- Smart watch, phone, earbuds.

Students may bring ONE approved calculator that must be properly cleared and configured before AND after each diploma exam administration by the exam supervisor. A list of the approved calculators can be found at:  https://www.alberta.ca/assets/documents/edc-calculator-information-and-rules.pdf

Phones etc. will not be kept in the office. Either leave it at home, locker, or vehicle.  

Students that do not follow this rule set by the government will compromise their exam.

For Part A Humanities, all students will need to be at the school by 8:30am at which point they will be called to their respective space- Aux Gym or LC, if accommodated.  

Students may bring water and healthy snacks.  
Students must leave purses/backpacks outside the exam room.  

Prior to exam day students may check for their name, exam location and assigned seat, which will be posted in the Rotunda.  

For Part B exams, scantrons do not go inside the exam booklet  
From when the exam begins, students will have one hour to enter the exam room. After that time, students will not be permitted to enter, no exceptions.  

Students will sign out with time denoted as to when they left the exam room.  

Students must show a photo ID prior to entering the exam room- Driver's License, school ID. (office will not print ID’s)

Students must remain in the exam room for 1 hour after the start time.  

Writing Diploma Exams Resource: https://www.alberta.ca/writing-diploma-exams#jumplinks-2

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