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FEB 27-29: George McDougall High Students are being offered this amazing program beginning after school on February 27th. Want your student to realize their dreams, learn how to prioritize, communicate, and build effective connections? Please see inside for all the details in unleashing their personal power.


February 27-29, 2020


January 22, 2020

Dear Mustang Students & Parents/Guardians:

We have secured the opportunity for 44 of George McDougall High School students to participate in the Empowering Minds’ Teen Leadership Breakthrough program from February 27-29, 2020.

Program Costs:

Thanks to the generosity of the Empowering Minds’ organization, the participation investment is only $140 to cover the costs of staying at Camp Chestermere. Full value of the program is approximately $715.00 per student including accommodations and meals. Please note that if finances are restricted, yet you want to have your student pursue this opportunity, please contact the Principal.


Graduating students will demonstrate:

  • Passion and enthusiasm to live their mission and values
  • Learning how to prioritize and keep focused on their efforts
  • Learning when it is important to listen, when and how to ask questions, and how to speak their ideas powerfully
  • How to work as a team and build trust in relationships with those they encounter every day, add to a groups success and foster the best in others
  • Unleashing their personal power by facing fears and moving forward, learning what they are capable of when you are willing to take action
  • Discovering what it is that makes them who they are
  • Understanding the characteristics of being a successful leader
  • Learning to value having fun with their teammates while concentrating their effort on a common goal
  • Committing to themselves and realizing the benefit of holding others and themselves accountable

Student and parent comments on the training and its impact have been extremely positive:

Student Comments

“The training I received from Empowering Minds changed my life perspectives on my role as a leader. Through the exploration of my own personal weaknesses, strengths, abilities and potential, I have become an individual that is truly more understanding of others-but most importantly, of myself. The training I received was life changing for me.  If all people would receive such training, the world would have so much more passion, respect, and understanding.”

“Now I have more self-confidence, more enthusiasm, and I feel great about myself. In addition, it has made me appreciate all of the people in my life who love and care for me. I definitely recommend this training.”

“After attending Empowering Minds I now look at myself in the mirror and see confidence.”

“I have never felt better than when I completed this course. It is a course about life, leading life, living life, and enjoying life.”

“After Empowering Minds, I get better marks, do more things and have more fun.”

Parent Comments

“My daughter had an amazing class.  She was able to work on her self-confidence and work through self-doubt.  She was able to restore old friendships and create new friendships with girls that she never thought she would connect with.”

“My daughter is very proud of her accomplishments from class.  She was voted most improved by her classmates and she is keeping to the goals that she set in class.  She is speaking with confidence, and is more enthusiastic than I have ever seen her before.”

“My 16 year-old son came home, hugged me and said ‘I love you’…for the first time in years, and I know he meant it.”

The Training

Empowering Minds’ Teen Leadership Breakthrough has partnered with Rapport Leadership International and trains leaders by maximizing active participation. The program provides students the opportunity to practice leadership skills through challenging exercises that simulate real-life situations. It is designed for high school students, enabling them to advance their leadership abilities and create positive change in their lives. High school students greatly benefit from this class which occurs at the ideal time in their lives to develop their potential.

In the Teen Leadership Breakthrough Program, teens learn:

Focus – students learn to prioritize and to concentrate on their efforts. They leave knowing they will achieve whatever they set their minds to.

Communication – participants learn to share their thoughts and feelings while building trusting relationships.  They learn the importance of listening, asking questions and how to powerfully convey their ideas.

Self-Confidence – students unleash their personal power by facing their fears and moving forward, learning that accomplishment comes from persistently taking action.

Character – participants identify their core values and beliefs, learn to understand characteristics of successful leaders and determine the person they choose to be.

Accountability – students learn to commit to their work and discover the value of holding themselves and each other accountable.

There are some additional IMPORTANT requirements of the training of which participants and their parents need to be aware.  Students cannot participate in the training unless all of the following conditions are met:

Student Commitments

Students are required to stay at the training location the entire time.  Accommodations and meals are provided as part of the training. The training begins with check-in at 4:30pm on Thursday, February 27th.
Please Note:  a bus has been secured to transport the students from the school departing at 3:40 PM and arriving at Camp Chestermere BEFORE 4:30.  The training ends at about 4:00 on Saturday, February 29th.


The location of this training course will be Camp Chestermere which is about 15-20 minutes east of Calgary.

Camp Chestermere
1041 East Lakeview Road

Chestermere, Alberta

(403) 272-6030

Parent / Guardian Commitments

Preparation – Parents/guardians of students in the course will be required to do some preliminary paperwork for their children as preparation for the training. The details of this commitment will be provided to the relevant parents when the student’s participation is confirmed, and it will require 1-2 hours of time. The task is something easily done by any parent/guardian. Your child CANNOT participate without the completion of this task.  There will also be a detailed participation medical information and consent form that will need to be completed in advance.

Transportation – A bus has been secured to transport the student from the school directly to Camp Chestermere on Thursday, February 27th departing at 3:40 and arriving at Camp Chestermere BEFORE 4:30. The training ends at about 4:00 on Saturday.

Graduation – A parent/Guardian is REQUIRED to attend the final component of the training and graduation from 12:30pm – 4:00pm on Saturday, February 29th. Your child CANNOT participate unless you or another family member are not able to attend this component of the training. Other family members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

If you are interested in participating in this extraordinary opportunity, please review and return the attached participation consent form ASAP.  Only the first 44 completed forms will be accepted.  Those coming in after that will be wait-listed and given priority for future courses.  If more than 44 arrive at the same time, we will randomly draw names to select participants.

You are invited to a Parent Information Evening at George McDougall High School on Thursday, January 30th, at 6:30 p.m. if you wish to learn more about the program. As well, you are welcome to explore the program website:

If you have any questions, you may contact McKenna Simpson directly at Empowering Minds: or 403-718-1264

Or you can contact Laurie Johnston at or Diana Stapor at

Yours in Leadership,


Laurie Johnston


George McDougall High School

Empowering Minds’ Teen Leadership Breakthrough Program

Participation Consent Form

February 27-29, 2020


Student Full Name: _______________________________


Birth date:  _________________ Gender: _____ Grade: _____


Parent / Guardian’s Name:  _________________________________________


Daytime Phone:  ________________


*Parent / Guardian’s Email:  _________________________________________

Evening Phone:  ________________

Elements of Risk:

Educational Activity Programs involve certain elements of risk. Injuries may occur while participating in these activities. The risk of sustaining injuries results from the nature of the activity and can occur without fault of the student, school board and its employees/agents or the facility where the activity is taking place.  The chance of an injury occurring can be reduced by carefully following instructions at all times while engaged in the activity. By choosing to take part in this activity, you are accepting the risk that you/your child may be injured.  The risks involved with this activity should be understood by you.

Should you have any questions whatsoever with respect to the mode of travel, location or activity, you are required to contact the school and obtain further information prior to signing this consent form. As well, there are field trip forms to complete for George McDougall High School (PLEASE PICK UP AT SCHOOL OFFICE).

If you choose to participate in the above referenced activity, you must understand that you bear the responsibility for any injury that may occur. The Teen Leadership Breakthrough program is provided by Empowering Minds’ Organization, not George McDougall High School.  George McDougall is merely facilitating this opportunity to its students. If accepted, parents will need to complete a separate medical information and consent form provided by Empowering Minds prior to the training.

Medical Information:

Please list any medical concerns or conditions that can influence your child’s participation in this activity, including but not limited to, any allergies.


□. I _____________________________________give__________________________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Full Name                                            Student's Name (PRINT)                                                                             (PRINT)

permission to participate in the Empowering Minds’ Teen Leadership Breakthrough Program from February 27-29, 2020 at Camp Chestermere.

□. I understand and agree to meet all conditions and deadlines as listed on the participation invitation letter.

□. I have paid in School Cash the $140 for student fee (also receiving cheques, if online payment not doable)

□. I understand and agree to my child riding the bus to Camp Chestermere .

□. I have read all of this form. I understand that by participating in the activity described above, I am assuming the risk associated by doing so. I understand that George McDougall High School merely organizes this activity for its students and the activity is operated by the Empowering Minds Organization.

□. This is my permission for the Empowering Minds’ Teen Leadership Breakthrough trainers, or their designate, to make arrangements for any necessary medical attention in the event of serious illness or injury. If such attention is required, every effort will be made to notify the parent/guardian or emergency contact as quickly as possible.


Date: _________________ Signature of Parent/Guardian:



There is an attached field trip form that needs to be filled out as well.  Thank you

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