Grade 9 - Provincial Achievement Test (PAT)

This folder contains links and documents providing students and parents with information on the Grade 9 PAT.
Alberta PAT Website
Here you will find all of the basic information for students and parents concerning Provincial Achievement Tests for Grade 9 students.
PAT Bulletin
Information on test schedules, policies and procedures, forms and samples, as well as marks and reporting results.
Test Details and Rubrics
Specific breakdown of each test and scoring criteria. Once you click on the link be sure to scroll down to the Subject Bulletin section; here you will find the test details and marking rubrics for Grade 9 English Language Arts.
Standards for Students' Writing
This link will lead you to example responses taken from the Provincial Achievement Tests. Along with the commentaries that accompany them, they should help you understand the standards for PAT writing in relation to the scoring criteria.
Parent Guide
This link contains a 10 minute video on the PAT, as well as documents with details on the achievement tests and curriculum.
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