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Students involved in the hockey program at GMHS will have a unique schedule, to allow for time on and off the ice. In the morning, student athletes will practice on ice, followed by classroom work, done at the Boys and Girls club. During this classroom time, students will complete their English and Social credits, along with a variety of CTS and Phys Ed credits. Upon completion of morning classes, students will return to George McDougall High School. Bussing has been arranged by the City of Airdrie, or they are able to drive themselves. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer carpooling options, due to insurance agreements with the division. Once back at the school, students will be involved in regular classes, completing their science and math options. We ask that all Hockey students incorporate themselves into the Mustang culture. We encourage them to take part in extra-curriculars, school activities and Leadership opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about how Global Hockey Academy and the Bisons AAA Midget season work within a school? Here are some general information items we think might help you out!

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GMHS Hockey Program Application Packages

These GRADE SPECIFIC packages should be completed prior to the start of the year, to enable a smooth transition into Global or Bisons. This will allow GMHS to attend to the necessary enrolment issues that may arise throughout the process.

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Hockey Program Flow Chart

It is our hope that this flow chart will allow students and parents to better visualize the process of application and acceptance into the GMHS hockey program.

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Global Sports Academy Group

The mission of Global Sports Academy is to enhance the educational and leadership experiences of student athletes while redefining the journey through youth sports.

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Student Declaration of Intent (December)

We ask that all students complete a declaration of intent prior to the end of the hockey season. This will allow GMHS to prepare for an easy transition within or when leaving the school.

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Hockey Program Timeline

The following timeline will allow students and parents to visually see important dates and information regarding the hockey program. Please click on the dates to read the details.

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