Inclement Weather Parent Notice

Date: November 3, 2023




Re: Emergency Closure of Schools or Cancellation of Bus Service Procedures

Dear Parents/Guardians:


In accordance with Board Policy 20 and Administrative Procedure AP5501, the following procedures will be followed if/when an emergency closure of a school and/or cancellation of bus service occurs. Please check the Late Bus App-“ Bus Status” (Available to download at Apple store and Google play) to ensure you are accessing the latest information about service and service interruptions.


  1. When schools remains open, it is your responsibility as a parent/guardian to determine if it is safe for your child go to school in/under severe weather conditions or warnings. This is consistent with parental choice and responsibility as outlined in the Education Act.


  1. It is your responsibility as a parent/guardian to make provisions for your child(ren) should school be closed.
    1. If closure procedures are initiated due to weather the school division will provide as much notice as possible. Once school begins for the day, school will not be closed because of weather conditions until regular dismissal time. Should it be deemed unsafe to dismiss students at the usual time, students may be kept at the school until it is deemed safe to depart or until alternate arrangements have been made.
    2. There is a possibility that schools may be closed during the day because of power failures, heating, or plumbing or other plant emergency. Every effort will be made to keep the students at the school; however, if circumstances warrant, students will be transferred to an alternate pre-planned location close by the school until the scheduled dismissal time.


  1. Decisions to close school because of inclement weather or other emergencies will be emailed to families, announced on local radio stations, and posted on the Rocky View Schools’ website, your school website, Facebook and Twitter. Information will also be available on RVS’ Late Bus App – “Bus Status”.




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Re: Emergency Closure of Schools or Cancellation of Bus Service Procedures

  1. In the event that school is open but it is not possible for the bus to drive the bus route, you will have the option of transporting your child(ren) to school. In this case you must also pick up your child(ren) at the end of the school day.


  1. Drivers may also alter or delay their bus routes in response to weather conditions. If bus routes are delayed by more than 1 hour, or if route has been revised, you will be contacted by their bus driver. Any bus route delays more than 10 minutes and less than 1 hour will be updated on the Late Bus App (“Bus Status”).


School to highlight in this spot their emergency contingency plan related to inclement weather on an annual basis. Describe how you will manage people in the building should there be a fire alarm, etc. during inclement weather periods. This may describe your offsite emergency location or that you will move all students on the other side of the designated firewall, etc.

Thank you for your support. Please contact me directly at             if you have any questions or concerns.


Yours Truly,

Scott Bloxham


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