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High School Parents

Parents are their sons and daughters' first, best teachers. It is from us that they take their cues regarding the value of school. It is from us that they gain their first lessons about work ethic and commitment. Finally, it is from us that they most desire feedback and approval.

Parents who are most engaged in the learning experiences of their children have the greatest positive impact on achievement. Engaging in discussions regarding school, checking PowerSchool and attending Parent-Teacher Interviews are all ways that Moms and Dads can engage in the learning of their George McDougall students.

We all know that this becomes more difficult as they get older. Where once they begged you to come on field trips, they now resist with great passion the prospect of your seeing them, if only for a moment, in the halls of their school. Perish the thought that you should call out to them or try to sneak a hug!

The fact is, however, students do better in school if their parents are engaged in their school careers. From holding them accountable for their attendance and grades to coming to the play, concert, game or exhibition; all of these activities are integral to a students' success.

We may be a high school but that does not mean we don't want to see you or hear from you. It means a lot to all of us when you take the time.

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