GMHS Student Handbook 2019-2020

The following is subject to change upon review.  (Fall 2019)


George McDougall High School

412 – 3rd Avenue N.E Airdrie, AB T4B 1R7

Phone: (403) 948-5935 Fax: 948-4297





▪   Ms. Laurie Johnston

Assistant Principal:

▪   Ms. Gladys Brown

Acting Assistant Principal:

▪   Ms. Kendra Mogck


Welcome to George McDougall High School.

We sincerely hope that your experiences at George McDougall High School are rewarding and enjoyable.

Students who consistently put forth their best efforts most often experience the greatest personal success. Regular attendance and punctuality are two important ways to enhance success during your high school career. Developing strong work habits ensures that good effort is not wasted. To help all students get the most from of their learning, we promote and demand respect for the rights and needs of self and others. You will discover that the level of responsibility expected of you continues to rise as you move through the high school grades, and you will be increasingly accountable for your actions and decisions. Take pride in who you are and the work you do.

At George McDougall High School, we will continue building on traditions from the past as we strive towards the future. To this end, our involvement in the pursuit of excellence in all our endeavors is always at the forefront of our efforts. High school should be an enjoyable time and it will be if you get involved. Let us help you make your high school experience the best years of your life so far. We look forward to our time with you.


The success of your child in high school depends, to a great extent, on your personal interest in and support of their learning. Our school needs your involvement in its many activities and programs; your child needs your ongoing support to help develop and/or maintain a positive attitude towards school. We will make a sincere effort to keep you informed as a primary means of earning that support. We certainly value your involvement, and therefore encourage direct communication at any time you feel the need!

May we take this opportunity to welcome all of you to the George McDougall High School family! We look forward to serving the students and parents of Airdrie and area, and believe that by working together, George McDougall will continue to be among the best schools in Alberta.

Ms. Johnston, Ms. Brown and Ms. Mogck


Our school philosophy is built on the belief that all students, given the right academic, athletic and cultural opportunities, will experience success through effort - PER LABOREM FLOREBIS.

George McDougall High School strives to meet the challenges of the 21st century learner. We prepare teachers by expanding their knowledge and understanding so that they may enhance their practices and ready our students for the demands of the digital age. In doing so, we are supporting our whole learning community to succeed.

GMHS is a community that offers students an environment in which to identify, pursue and achieve educational goals. The fulfillment of these goals rest upon certain positive attributes: effort, attendance, punctuality, communication, and respect.


Students will:

▪   attend classes regularly and punctually

▪   behave, co-operate, and learn in a safe environment

▪   respect self, all others and properties

▪   work to the best of their abilities

▪   have access to programs that meet their present and future needs

Teachers will:

▪   continue to prepare students for lifelong learning

▪   provide relevant quality programs

▪   help each student achieve success in a caring environment

▪   equip students to succeed in the 21st century

Parents/Community will:

▪   support the students as they learn

▪   provide the resources to achieve success

▪   respect all staff, students and the learning process

▪   assist the school in program delivery

▪   play an active role in training students in school/work related programs


For all school dates please click here to access the GMHS calendar.


We hope this handbook will provide you and your parents with sufficient information about our school so as to facilitate a smooth start to the academic year. Please familiarize yourself with its contents.

For further information on any of these matters, students and parents are invited to come to the school office or phone 403-948-5935.


George McDougall High School is lead by a dedicated and passionate staff. Please click here to access the GMHS staff contact information.


The George McDougall School Council assists the principal and staff of George McDougall High School in serving students. All parents of GMHS Students are members of School Council. From this group of parents a chairperson, vice-chair, and secretary are elected. In addition the principal, a staff representative, community representative and student representative(s) may also be part of the council. Meeting dates are listed in the School Calendar of Events. Information and events can be found on our website.


All courses will be semestered with the exception of Music (Choral & Instrumental) and some Modern Language and Physical Education courses. Students can expect their courses to be equally divided between two semesters. Semester I runs from September to January; Semester II from February to June.


The school day starts at 9:00 am and ends at 3:35 pm Mondays through Thursdays and 9:00 am to 2:05 pm  on Fridays. Students are free to be at school any time before or after normal school hours; however, it is expected that they will be under the supervision of a staff member during these times. All visitors are requested to check in at the main office.

Click here for bell times.

The school office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Fridays. The library is open from 8:40 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and 8:40 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Fridays.


The Mustang Family Matters will be emailed on Friday via School Messenger. If you are not on our email list and you would like to be, please send an email to stating your desire to use this method.


Powerschool can be accessed in or outside of school to check on student grades, academic progress and attendance. Below are the links for students and parents to access and learn about PowerSchool.

Click here for Student and Parent Login

Click here for Student and Parent PowerSchool Information


Our school website has information regarding school dates, staff contact information, exam schedules and other timely and important information. Click here to access the website.


In the event of inclement weather conditions preventing bus travel before or after school hours, information will be conveyed by radio stations CBC (1010), CHQR (77), CFR (66), FM105, KISS 95.9, Jack FM, CKMX (1060), CJAY (92) and T.V. stations A-Channel, Global News Morning Edition. For information on school closures due to inclement weather, click here to access the main Rocky View Schools website.


All Rocky View Schools follow the Hour Zero Emergency Response Protocol. Regular fire drills and lockdown practices will occur throughout the school year.  Information regarding muster point locations and lockdown procedures are located in each classroom.

More information regarding our emergency response protocols can be found here.


Dates for Report Cards and Parent-Teacher-Student conferences are outlined in the School Calendar of Events. Parents should feel free to contact administration, guidance or teaching staff at any time regarding the progress of their students. This is most easily done via e-mail contacts on our website.


Students will receive from their teachers, on the first day of class, a course outline that clearly states:

▪   course objectives

▪   course content

▪   evaluation procedures with weightings assigned for various facets of required term work and final   examinations (unless exempted)

▪   other criteria to be used in evaluation

▪   plagiarism policy

At George McDougall, all courses will be reported in percentages.


There is a well defined appeal process for students to follow. Appeals should be directed in writing and in the following order:

▪   Appealing to get into the next level or appealing a failing grade

▪   the subject teacher

▪   the Principal by March 31 (first semester), August 31 (second semester);

▪   the Superintendent within seven days of the Principal's decision


A minimum mark of 50% is required in order to receive credit and proceed to the following course in that subject area. In order to obtain or maintain learning success, many courses have set prerequisite marks of 65%. Students planning to change course sequences, (i.e. English 20-1 to English 20-2) should consult the regulations with regards to changing streams as outlined by Alberta Education.


Course change requests are made to administrators and only for the following reasons:

▪   Holes in the timetable (students with empty blocks); priority will be given to these.

▪   Students who know they have failed a pre-req course.

▪   Students requesting courses that were not their original choice.

▪   Unbalanced core distribution.

Classes will not be changed for specific teacher requests or for social reasons.

Students MUST remain in the classes on their timetable until the change is made.

If the request is approved, an appointment is made with counsellors. The final day for course drop date in Semeseter 1 is Friday, September 13. Alternative credits acquisition must be made in lieu. There are no course withdrawals after this date. The course drop date for Semester 2 is Friday, February 14.


Students at George McDougall are required to be enrolled in:

Grade 9 -  no spares, 
Grade 10 - 40 or more credits (no spares), 
Grade 11 - 40 or more credits (no spares), 
Grade 12 - 30 or more credits; no less than 3 course per semester


Students who have completed Grades 1-8 in a French Immersion program may continue their French language instruction in Grade 9. Social Studies and French Language Arts are available in Grade 9. Social Studies and French Language Arts are the only courses available for Grades 10-12. Certificates recognizing completion of the French Immersion program (to Grade 9) and high school (minimum 30 credits) are available.


Visitors must report to the main office to register. Visitors are to have pre-arranged their visitation and obtain and display a visitor’s pass.


Rocky View School Division has authorized the collection of fees to help support and enrich the instructional programs at George McDougall High School. These fees are essential to maintain the high quality programs that students and parents have come to expect and deserve.
 A fee invoice for the 2019-20 school year will be issued by September 30th once class changes have been completed.

▪   Lock Fee (one time only) $7.00

▪   Optional Course Fees

▪   Yearbook TBA

▪   Grad Fee (Grade 12 only) TBA

▪   Additional fees are charged for consumable items and services provided in complementary courses (please see GMHS’s website for a complete list of fees.)


Student fees for both semester one and two are due upon invoice. We accept cash, cheques, Visa, Mastercard and debit. Cheques should be made payable to “George McDougall High School”. Please be advised that Rocky View Schools policy regarding student fees states:

Students may be denied participation in extracurricular activities if school fees are not paid. Special arrangements can be made by contacting Finance at 403-948- 5935. Please pay by School Cashnet; if possible.


All students are welcome to attend our Mustang Mornings in the kiosk. Students are invited to visit, eat breakfast and start the day in a positive way. Breakfast is available from 8:25-8:50 am and there is no cost. We offer the basics of toast, cereal, fruit and juice. Mustang Mornings are open to everyone. We are grateful for the generosity of our learning community, as well as dedicated volunteers (staff and parents) that make this opportunity for our students take place.


School photographs will be taken the beginning of September and is posted on our website. Please make sure your students are prepared for pictures. Proofs will be returned to student with an order form.  All students will be photographed for ID cards and yearbook.


Students are at school because they have definite educational goals. Students have reached a certain level of maturity and their behaviour should reflect this. Learners are expected to show respect for their teachers, other adults in the school and their fellow students at all times. Students should be courteous and considerate to everyone. We feel confident that they have become familiar with appropriate school behaviours by this time, and therefore there should be no need to elaborate on the do's and don’ts of school life. We do, however, feel that students have four major responsibilities: managing their time, putting forth their best effort, behaving appropriately, and attending school.


Focus Learning time and Literacy block will take place each Monday and Thursday between periods 1 and 2.  Students will be permitted 20 minutes to access teacher support and /or collaborate with peers on school-based projects.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be FLT only for 40 minutes.  They also use this time for whole school or partial school assemblies, presentations and guest speakers.


Student life at George McDougall offers many opportunities for activity. There are a number of activities sponsored by the school and the Leadership class. Activities are both recreational and educational and all students are encouraged to participate. All activities are under the direct supervision of a staff member. Students need to watch the TV monitors for times and places.


Payment for field trips is due at least one day prior to the field trip.  This is to ensure transportation, number of students attending, ticket, etc.  Students paying/trying to pay after the deadline will not be allowed to attend.


George McDougall High School is first, and foremost, an academic institution. All students must maintain academic eligibility and attend classes regularly in order to take part in extracurricular activities.


Students must maintain an overall average of 50% or higher, with no mark below 50%. Exceptions may be made if the subject teacher, in a course where the student’s mark is less than 50%, is satisfied with the student’s effort, and supports continued participation in extra-curricular activity.


▪   Students shall attend regularly.

▪   Students shall not be truant.

▪   If a student has an unexcused absence on any given day they may not participate in an activity that night.


▪   Students are not permitted to participate (practice, play, perform or attend school events, etc.) during a week when they have served a suspension (in-school or out).

▪   Students who fail to meet any of the above expectations may be removed from extracurricular eligibility.

They will be returned to eligibility when...

▪   their grade is brought above 50%.

▪   they have established a two week pattern of perfect attendance.

▪   a week has passed since the date of suspension.

▪   RVS sport commitee code of conduct.


“Whether I am a player or a spectator at a school athletic function, I realize that I am under the school’s jurisdiction. Because my actions reflect on the school that I represent, I recognize my responsibility to exemplify the highest standards of conduct.” All students, parents/guardians, and coaches are required to sign a Code of Conduct form prior to involvement in Rocky View School Division activities.

Student involvement in interschool athletics activities at George McDougall High School is a privilege. As such, students are expected to:

a. be registered in a minimum of 15 credits in the semester(s) in which the activity is taking place. (Correspondence or evening course, IF APPROVED BY ADMINISTRATION, may be included.)

b. if absent from school on the day of an event, the student athlete may not be eligible to participate in the evening.

c. follow the regulations of the school either at home or away while participating in a school organized event.

d. maintain a total course average of 50% or higher.-


Participation in the Graduation Exercises for George McDougall High School is a privilege that is to be earned. It is a representation of a learner’s commitment to their studies and to their school community. Commitment, for the purposes of this policy, is represented by application to studies, reasonable attendance and supporting the positive culture of our school.

A student will fail to earn the privilege of participation in George McDougall High School’s Graduation Exercises if...

▪   she/he has been suspended for any severe incident or for repeated offences of any kind.*

▪   he/she does not attend regularly.

▪   her/his grades are below 50% in a course required for a Diploma or Certificate of High School Achievement.

▪   any school fees are in non-payment

*The administration will inform students and their parents when an event, or series of events, has lead to the withdrawal of Cap and Gown privileges. Students and their parents will have the right to appeal the administrative decision no sooner than three weeks prior to the date of the ceremony. The administration WILL take into account improvement in student conduct when arriving at a final decision.
**Students with documented medical conditions or other unavoidable circumstances that account for a significant portion of absences may appeal the denial of privileges. Student grades, attitude, truancy and tardiness will be taken into account when arriving at a decision on such appeal.


We believe that students are accountable for their use of time.

▪   Regular and punctual attendance is required.

▪   Homework and learning outside the classroom is expected and necessary.

▪   Effective and efficient use of classroom time is expected.


We believe that students must take ownership for their own learning.

▪   The establishment of educational goals is the responsibility of the student.

▪   Students are expected to put forth the effort to achieve their goals.

▪   We expect all students to complete course requirements to the best of their ability, while striving to improve all dimensions of their school life.


We believe that students must accept responsibility for their actions.

▪   They should care for and respect themselves, others, and their school, and demonstrate this care and respect in their behaviour.

▪   They should be accountable for their actions.

▪   They should share the responsibility for contributing to a positive school environment.


Students are expected to attend all classes. Not only is attendance required by Alberta’s School Act, it is essential for the successful completion of courses. Parents and guardians are expected to keep in timely communication regarding attendance: all absences must be reported no later than noon on the same day of the absence.


Classroom teachers will contact home and discuss possible interventions for students who exhibit a pattern of absences (excused or unexcused) that is impacting learning. If the attendance issues are not resolved with initial teacher, student and parent collaboration, the issue will be reported to the grade level administrator who will determine the appropriate interventions at that point. In the event that a teacher or administrator becomes aware of a student skipping a single class, administration will intervene immediately.


In order to maximize instructional time and limit disruption to the learning of others, students are expected to arrive in their classes on time. If students are continually late, learning is being impacted and our school will proceed with interventions as laid out above, in the attendance procedure.

Extended Leave

Should a student need to be absent for a period longer than three days, for reasons other than those outlined in the School Act (bereavement, illness or other emergency) students are expected to complete an Extended Leave Form

It should be noted that students will be expected to keep up to date on any work missed during an extended absence.

Refer to the individual teacher course outlines for details on how missed work and/or tests will be handled. Students are expected to be in attendance for all major exams, including end of semester exams in January and June. Parents are discouraged from removing students from school at this time.


Students who are required to leave classes for medical, dental or for any other reason, must check out at the Main Office.

If a student becomes ill during the day, he/she is to report to the office:

•  Students are required to check in.

•  Students who access the infirmary will be considered ill and parents will be contacted and required to pick up or permit the release of the student to go home.

•  Upon returning to school, students will be required to check in at the office and proceed immediately to their regularly scheduled class.


George McDougall is proud of the many achievements of our students and we believe in celebrating that success. These Awards are established by an Awards Committee comprised of teachers from all Departments, support staff and administration. We are constantly looking at ways to improve and augment the recognition of our students. Please take the time to review our general guidelines and processes.


Through Miss School Miss Out, an initiative where students are recognized for perfect attendance on a monthly basis through an award and a published photo in the local newspaper. For perfect attendance for the entire school year, there are significant awards; the names of students are put into a lottery and considerable sums of cash or technology are presented. Perfect attendance will also be recognized by the presentation of certificates at our school Awards ceremonies.


All students who achieve year long honor roll will be recognized at a fall Awards Ceremony the following year; along with a variety of other awards.

The average will be calculated through our in house student record management system. As such, only courses completed within our school will be computed. Note: Year long courses will only be calculated into the average for 2nd Semester and All Year Honor Rolls as that is when those marks are complete.

To be eligible for Honor Roll:

1)  Full time study for Gr. 9-11 and a minimum of 3 out of 4 course registration for the semester for Gr. 12.

2)  No failing or incomplete marks.

3) Alexander Rutherford Scholarship criteria will be used to calculate honor roll for grades 10-12.  The     only exception to this criteria is that Scocial Studies will be included as a mandatory course for grades 10 and 11.

4)  The calculation for grade 9 honor roll will be following: All cores - weighting 1.0, Pysical Education - weighting 1.0, and other weighted at 0.5.

Please see the link below to view Alexander Rutherford Scholorship.


Students that meet the criteria for being nominated and chosen as Mustangs of the Month include (but are not limited to) the following:

1. Exemplify depth of character through compassion, honesty, trust, optimism,loyalty, and respect to peers, teachers, and community members;

2.  Exhibit responsible behavior and self-control;

3. Display a positive attitude toward others and their learning;

4. Act with solid citizenship, leadership, and integrity within the school and community;

5. Makes evident their involvement/passion within the activity of our school or have made significant achievements in their activities outside George McDougall.

Nomination forms are available on the school website; staff and students can put forth names of worthy students. Nominations are due the last Monday of month and will be awarded the first Monday of the month. Monthly winners will also be recognized at the appropriate Semester awards ceremony.


Students in Physical Education are required to wear approved gym strip, consisting of t-shirt, shorts and appropriate footwear. Gym strip is available at reasonable cost from the school. Gym strip and shoes should be labelled with the student's name. Should gym strip be frequently forgotten, we will provide an extra gym strip and the cost will be added to the student’s school fees.


Students may choose to leave the school for lunch or eat their lunch in the designated eating areas.


We wish to maintain positive relationships with community residents. Avoid parking in front of private homes, trespassing on private lawns, littering and smoking (including e-cigarettes) in unapproved areas.


Students are expected to use the student parking lot and are required to register their vehicle at the main office. Students will be issued a parking permit at a cost of $3.00. Vehicles not having a parking permit may be towed at the owner's risk and expense. Students are expected to drive responsibly and are subject to the Laws of the Province of Alberta in this regard. Loitering in the parking lot is not permitted. In addition, vehicles are to be parked properly or students risk losing their parking privileges.


School policies regarding responsible behaviour extend to transportation to and from school as well as during school sponsored activities.


George McDougall is a learning and business environment. All members of the school community are expected to meet reasonable standards of dress in keeping with the atmosphere of the school.

The following guidelines should assist you:

1. Images and messages on clothing cannot be offensive. Clothing will not promote alcohol, drugs, violence, racism, sexism or any form of intolerance.

2. Excessive skin exposure is not appropriate in a learning environment. Tank tops, muscle shirts, and shirts that bare midriffs may not be worn. Underwear should not be visible. Shorts and skirts should be of modest length.

3. Hats, headgear, bandanas, hoods and toques are examples of recognized items not permitted during normal school hours unless for religious or medical reasons.

Please note that any student who is unsuitably attired will be required to change into acceptable clothing, or return home to change prior to re-admittance to the school.


Space is provided in the library, rotunda or cafeteria for grade 12 students to work during their spares. Students on spares are asked not to loiter in the hallways during class time.


If you choose to smoke please be aware of George MCDougall's policy towards smoking given Alberta Provincial Laws and Rocky View Schools' policy.

The Alberta Provincial Government has passed a law stating that it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to smoke (this includes e-cigarettes).  Rocky View Schools has declared all schools and school ground to be tobacco free.  As a result the following policy governs all tobacco, and tobacco related products, including but not limited to:

▪   cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipes

▪   chewing tobacco/snuff

▪   lighters, matches

▪   e-cigarettes/vaporizers

This policy applies to all students, including those 18 years of age and older.

1. Smoking related materials are not to be in the school building or on school property.  Any such products in view of a staff member within the school, or on school property are subject to confiscation without return.  The student may subject to suspension as per the procedures outlined below.

2. Students in possession of and or in association with those consuming smoking related products may be suspended for 1 day either in school or out.

3. Field trips, Physical Education classes held away from the school, school buses, ski trips, extra-curricular trips and so on, are all considered to be an extension of the school program, and are therefore subject to all policies listed above.


These procedures apply to all tobacco related products

1. A first violation will result in a full-day out of school suspension.

2. A second offence will result in a full-day out of school suspenion.

3. A third offence will result in a 3 day out of school suspension.

The school has a designated smoking area that is off of school property. This is located past the mailboxes at the south-east end of the school property.  This area is available before school, and at lunch hour only.  We also expect students to do their part in keeping the area clean and tidy by throwing their cigarette butts and garbage in the supplied receptacles.

School Property

For the purposes of this policy, the school property includes all areas up to and including: the sidewalk to the south of the building, the students parking lot, the fence line on the east side of the staff parking lot, the fence line by the Town & Country Centre (and the bus loading and unloading area from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm) and all property to the west including the grounds of Ecole Edwards Elementary School.

In the interest of maintaining positive relationships with our community and neighbours, we will also maintain jurisdiction over our students when within sight of the school.   In other words, students using tobacco or related products and within sight of the school are subject to the same consequences as would be enforced if the event took place on school property.


The possession of alcohol, anything with the presumption of an achoholic beverage or drugs and/or any items associated with said products is prohibited. Students that arrive at school with these products, or under the influence of them, will face harsh suspensions and possible expulsion.

It is the belief of the school administration that drug issues are best addressed through close cooperation with the RCMP. Students caught with any quantity of drugs will, in all likelihood, find themselves arrested at the request of the school.


Section 12 of the Alberta Schools Act states:

“Students shall behave so as to reasonably comply with the following code of conduct:

a)     be diligent in pursuing their duties

b)     attend school regularly and punctually

c)     cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs and services, in accordance with this act

d)     understand and comply with the rules of the school

e)     be accountable for their conduct and behavior

f)      respect the rights of others.”

Failure of any George McDougall student to act within these expectations could result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension or in severe cases expulsion.

In-school suspensions are held on site and students work on learning supplied by classroom teachers. Students will be expected to complete any work missed and stay on top of their studies while on out-of-school suspensions.

Following any in-school or out-of-school suspension a re-instatement meeting will be required with the grade-level administrator before the student will be allowed to return to class.

Suspension for one day OSS for a second offence which is the same as the first offence.  However for a third offence there will be a 3 day OSS.


In its official policy (IFCL), RVS supports the appropriate use of electronic devices. It also recognizes that inappropriate use of electronic devices can negatively affect a safe and caring learning environment. To support this board policy and to recognize the integrity of the learning environment, GMHS electronic device policy is adopted to encompass the following:

A learning environment is considered to be any classroom, the library, break out room or any other space that a staff member has deemed to be the space of instruction. Any device that is negatively affecting the learning of students or is disrupting the learning of others should not be used and may be confiscated.

During class time, phones may only be used when the teacher has given specific permission to do so. Students are to be conscious of where, when and how they use devices as different situations call for different etiquette regarding use. Staff members will encourage proper use of learning technology, but reserve the right to ask students to put away or power off devices or confiscate any device if disruptive.

The use of any electronic device in our learning setting is intended for academic purposes.


It is the position of George McDougall High School that students should not have access to the internet or any social media site without the explicit monitoring and control of all the student's activites by the parent.  It is therefore essential that parents know and check their child's passwords and have access to the various sites such as Facebook that are being used by their children.

Please consider talking to your kids how to responsibly use Social Media.  Take an interest in your kids' online behaviour and set guidelines about cell phone use.  Help your children respond appropriately if they are being cyberbullied.



Counselling and career planning services are available to all students who require them during the school year.


▪   orientation and school tours

▪   course selection and program planning

▪   grade 12 credit checks

▪   strategy instruction programs

▪   school resource coordination


▪   scholarship information

▪   grant and loan information for high school and post-secondary


▪   exploration of values, interests, abilities and needs

▪   Introduce and explore computer assisted programs and inventories to assist in career planning

▪   career and post secondary material library

▪   Information about post secondary programs, admission advising and course planning

▪   employability skills portfolio


▪   confidential crisis and individual counselling

▪   referrals to community services

▪   mediation services

Members of the Student Services Centre and contact information for 2019-20 can be found here.

Students are encouraged to consult with Students Services if they are seeking help academically, personally or with career planning.  References can be made to the appropriate individual or agencies within the community.


The Learning Support Centre (TLSC) assists in meeting educational needs of all students. Services provided include:

•  academic screening of students

•  special provisions

•  transitional programming

•  gifted programming

▪   Individualized Program Planning (IPP) provide learning strategies



Students have access to the school network as well as the INTERNET. At all times we expect students to follow the Acceptable Use Agreement they are required to sign.


Weather permitting, students have access to the courtyard before and after school and during the lunch hour.


Students have access to the fitness centre before and after school and if they have spares, provided no classes are using the facility. They must be under the direct supervision of a staff member.


As well as providing a place for students on spare.  Students will have access to heating their lunch as there are several microwaves available.


Students may sign-out and return books anytime, and may do homework or study in the learning commons. Full information regarding usage and procedures is given to each student during their first classes.


Students are responsible for all damage to lockers. For security purposes only school locks are allowed. In using your school locker, you agree to keep only your personal belongings in the locker. Students should not give their combination to others. (Combinations are kept on file in the office). Students must use the locker and lock assigned by the school.

Our school locker policy enforces a zero-tolerance for:

■       Illegal drugs

■       Any drug paraphernalia

■       Alcohol

■       Stolen property

■       Weapons

■       Items deemed by the school or RCMP to be a danger to others

■       Anything that is illegal to possess

You are permitted to keep prescription drugs in your locker if your doctor has prescribed those drugs for your own use only.

It is very important to note that you do not have an expectation of privacy for your locker. Lockers are the property of George McDougall High School/Rocky View School Division. Administration has the right to open, search, and inspect your locker without notice to you.

If your locker is searched and administration finds any of the items listed above, the school may seize those items and use them as evidence against you for school discipline. Administration may give seized items to the RCMP for possible criminal investigations and charges.


Lost clothing, shoes, and school supplies are stored in the Main Office.


Students are advised that all their belongings should be labelled with their name, and valuables should be locked in their lockers.


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