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Administration Team

Mr. Bloxham
Principal sbloxham
Mrs. Brown Assistant Principal gbrown
Mr. Johnston Assistant Principal lajohnston

Office Staff

Ms.Savoie Admin Assistant II fsavoie
Ms.Smiley Admin Assistant III msmiley
Ms.Vigna Reception hvigna
Ms.Yellowega Admin Assistant II myellowega


Ms. DeRosier Last Name (M-Z) tderosier
Ms.Quinlan-Jacob Last Name (A-L)


Teaching Staff

Ms.Ahluwalia Mathematics kahluwalia
Mr.Ahmed Science/Mathematics aahmed
Mr.Ayer Robotics/Communication Tech aayer
Mr.Baskerville Learning Support (Last Name A-L) cbaskerville
Ms.Beckett Physical Education/ Leadership sbeckett
Ms.Bower Foods jbower
Ms.Calore Life Skills scalore
Mr.Casey Japanese/English Language Arts jcasey
Mr. Haufe Mathematics khaufe
Mr.Collazos-Quessy English Language Arts/ Social Studies mcollazosquessy
Ms.Erin Davis Social Studies/English Language Arts edavis
Ms.Stephanie Davis Social Studies/English Language Arts sldavis
Mr.    DeGiuseppe Learning Lead - Mathematics
Ms.Emshey Learning Lead - Modern Languages
Ms.Erickson Biology berickson
Ms.Gole Learning Lead - Humanities & Literacy jgole
Ms.Groop Mathematics kgroop
Mr.Harris Instrumental Music jdharris
Mr.King Mathematics jking
Mr.Lafferty Learning Lead - Social slafferty
Mr.MacLean Physical Education smaclean
Ms.Mejia French Immersion vmejia
Mr.Nguyen Social Studies/Global tynguyen
Ms.Olinyk English Language Arts solinyk
Mr. Overguard Social Studies/English goverguard
Ms.Perreaux Physical Education/Wildlife nperreaux
Ms.Powersmith French Immersion/Drama dpowersmith
Mr. Rasmussen Social Studies jrasmussen
Ms.Reichert English Language Arts lreichert
Mr.Segovia Science/Physical Education gsegovia
Mr. Schaber Construction aschaber
Mr. Smith Science mlsmith
Ms. Steenhart English msteenhart
Ms.Taves Learning Lead CTS          (Cosmetology &Fashion) staves
Ms.Teague Learning Support (Last Name M-Z) kteague
Ms.Tobin Physical Education/Athletic Director jtobin
Ms. Uhlenberg Science/Chemistry euhlenberg
Ms.Vang Mathematics/ Life Skills jvang
Mr.Waite-Newhouse Social Studies/Recreation Leadership/Global kwaite
Learning Lead-Science/Physics


Ms.Wenaas Physical Education hwenaas
Ms.Wright Art mwright
Mr.Wunderlich Film& Media/Forensic/Psychology pwunderlich
Ms.Wyman Science dwyman
Mr.Yurkowski Sports Performance/Global ayurkowski

Student Supports

Ms.Rouzes Learning Commons Facilitator
Ms.Schweizer Off-Campus Education Coordinator-RAP/WPL lschweizer
Mr. Shyu School Technologist dshyu
Ms.Smiley Finance
Ms.Whetstone WeConnect Coordinator cwhetstone

Caretaking Staff

Mr. Hymers Head Building Operator
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