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Construction, Technologies and Fabrication

Introductory Level (Industrial Arts 10)

Grade 10 or first-year students must take 5 pre-requisite courses at the 100 series level. They may choose from either a Construction (Woods) or Fabrication (Metals) pathway depending upon their level of interest and chosen projects.

  • Construction Technologies: Students will learn basic tools and materials, project management, solid stock construction, turning operations, and manufactured materials, and apply them to the construction of a project.
  • Fabrication Studies: Students will learn basic fabrication principles, tools and materials, semi-automated welding, basic electric welding, sheet fabrication, and bar & tubular fabrication, and apply them to the fabrication of a project.

Intermediate/Advanced Level (Industrial Arts 20/30)

Prerequisite: Introductory Level Industrial Arts 10

Students will further develop the understandings from the introductory level. This course is "project driven" and students will select a project to which they will apply one or several credits of study during completion. A minimum of five credits will be completed in the semester. Common courses selected at this level include furniture construction, cabinetry, multiple materials, finishing and refinishing techniques, and product development. Students may also complete either construction or fabrication courses not previously attempted at the introductory level. Course selection will be determined in consultation between the student and the instructor. Costs for project materials are the responsibility of the student.

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