Hockey Skills Academy

George McDougall High offers a Hockey Canada Skills Academy option in which students from grade 9-12 have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the game. The course will follow the CTS Curriculum as outlined by Alberta Education. The courses will vary from year to year and will be constantly developed. There will be a focus on hockey in the course content and students will benefit not only from increased on-ice instruction in individual skills but also from off-ice training specifically designed for hockey, as well as theory sessions on topics such as sport specific nutrition. The program takes up one option block during the semester (125 hours of instruction/ 30-40 hours on-ice). Off-ice training and theory classes will be held within the school and on-ice activities will be held at the adjacent Plainsman Arena. The fee for this program will be $350 (covering costs that include guest instructors, jersey, socks and T-shirt). The program is open to all male and female students attending GMHS who are or will become members of the Airdrie Minor Hockey Association. Applicants will be required to submit an application form, a current progress report and an attendance summary. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by the course instructor. Application forms are located on the school website. Payment for this option will be added to the school fees in September. The Hockey Canada Skills Academy must be paid in full by September 30 or the student will be taken out of the course and placed into another option.

*NOTE: Students who are for whatever reason, unable to participate regularly will be removed from the Skills Academy and will be assigned an “in-house” option. Due to the high cost of this option, course fees will not be refunded. Option fees for the re-assignment will not be charged.

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