Creative Media

Creative Media courses include learning in photography, audio and video production, design and animation, and are offered to grade 9 students as a half-semester introductory option, as well as 3-credit and 6-credit options at the 10, 20 and 30 levels. In 20 and 30 level classes, students have the opportunity to specialize or continue to explore multiple focus areas. The curriculum for these courses extends from the Communication Technology strand of the Alberta Career and Technology Studies curriculum, which introduces students to possible career paths in the creative industries.

Learning about creative media holds great value for all students, whether or not this may be a career path of interest. Beyond developing fluency in the tools and techniques of these technologies, students also have the chance to explore creativity as a means to tell stories, to pose questions, and to bring beauty and expression into the world. As students deepen their understanding of the methods of photography, audio and video production, design and animation, they also view media through a critical and ethical lens. This supports students to become more discerning consumers and responsible producers as they work and play in our media-saturated culture.

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